T-Minus 151 Hrs

This was a school wide project the first week of spring semester 2014. Our team was made up by a student from every year.
We were challenged to identify problems regarding student life and interaction, as a design student at RIT.

Problem Statement:

The School of Design at RIT lacks a space open to interdisciplinary thought, relaxation and refreshment. As the School of Design continues to grow, the current lounge areas no longer meet the needs of the students. Many students are seeking a more well rounded education and collaboration with other disciplines. These are students who work long hours but understand the importance of decompressing, to collect their thoughts.

The renderings below were modeled in SolidWorks and rendered in Photoview 360

Home Away From Home


In the work place, a new kind of space is emerging; a space that is not only functionally efficient, but one that takes into consideration the importance of relaxation and nourishment. Recently we are seeing convertible spaces that can transition between an efficient work environment to a wholesome place to relax. This kind of convertible environment is what our team wanted to design, not only providing students with a place to relax, but provide tools to expand their education in new ways.

Relax Conference Call Cafe

Team Contributors: Michael Maltese 3yr, Jacqueline MacDonald 2yr, Alexa Uribe 2yr, Jack Marquez 1yr, John Leavitt 4yr.